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Chat Room

  • ProBro: just wow
  • Perseent: can I get off this survey easily?
  • Hill213: uhm
  • Quot1991: what happen after finish a survey
  • agarmaster: This works for me on FFA like a charm :D
  • Grequod: I got all resource for my girlfriend too
  • Moseeld30: i think everyone can do a survey quickly
  • Hill213: okay i am stacked now with survey
  • Rob001: Never imagined this would work but damn its so simple
  • FUCKER: How much coins you've generated so far?
  • Grequod: Exactly why this is so good
  • Moseeld30: damn
  • Grequod: You should give it a try
  • Hill213: I have seen this generator on hotshot stream i think
  • agarmaster: pretty sure this is saving me a lot of money
  • TWTClan: ROFL!
  • Gandalf: Thanks man I appreciate this.
  • Arrent: what happen after finish a survey
  • Troll: its to protect from spamming, first try to use, i got no Survey request, but for second try i need to get Finish 1 Survey
  • Arrent: so happy i found this
  • Quot1991: ROFL!
  • Doge: Is this ban secure?

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